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Morrison Utility Services and ePIPE Developers Team Up to Provide Solution for Dissolved Lead in Drinking Water

Las Vegas –(Business Wire)–

UK water suppliers, facing strict lead reduction guidelines in 2013, when lead content in drinking water must be reduced from its current 25µg/l to new World Health Organization standards of 10µg/l, need a solution.

The need to reduce lead in drinking water services prompted U.S.-based Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT) and UK-based Morrison Utility Services to team up in a Joint Venture, Pipe Restoration Services (PRS), to provide the technology to line service pipes with a blown-in-place epoxy resin (ePIPE) as an alternative to lead service pipe replacement.

The ‘blown in place’ ePIPE system means that nothing but air and resin enters the service pipe in order to form a barrier coating to prevent leaching of lead.

Larry Gillanders, Chief Executive of PRT, commented: “ePIPE is not a new process, we have over 12 years’ experience of its use in the U.S. and across the world, in potable water systems. ePIPE is a proven technology, and is used extensively for small diameter internal & external water supply pipe restoration.”

The system has been adapted for the UK market and is currently seeking DWI approval for the specific application of lining lead services and internal pipework. The challenge of rectifying lead issues is a big headache for the water sector but by using a simple adapter at the stop tap ePIPE can be applied to the entire service pipe, from the main to the kitchen tap, in one simple operation, with only one excavation over the ferrule connection to the water main.

ePIPE recently attracted the attention of a number of water company executives who had chance to see the technology for themselves when a road show tour was conducted across the UK. They were shown the end-to-end process of cleaning, drying and lining service lines in-place using the ePIPE process, clearly demonstrating a number of benefits over traditional, more costly, lead management solutions.

These included

  • Offering a complete solution to service pipe lead problems in a cost effective manner, for both the water company and private owner, including private and social housing landlords
  • Helps water companies manage risk in relation to pipework outside their control
  • Complements water metering and mains rehab activity
  • Improved customer experience with less disruption over traditional techniques
  • Opportunity to benefit customer at same time as fulfilling water company obligations
  • Additional benefit of leak reduction

John Coyne, Executive Director of Morrison Utility Services, said: “We are excited by the prospect of bringing this innovative technology to the UK as we believe it offers great scope to assist water companies in dealing with the key challenges of dissolved lead and customer experience.” He added, “We will be offering this service through PRS to the whole market as a specialist service.”

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Notes to Editors

Morrison Utility Services. One of the UK and Ireland’s leading utility service contractors.

Morrison Utility Services is a leading service provider within the electricity, gas, telecommunications and water sectors. Our business is centred on the provision, replacement, repair and maintenance of utility network infrastructure (water and gas pipes, electric & telecommunication cables, water, electricity and gas meters, mobile phone masts and associated equipment, telephone kiosks, and electric substations), which our clients (the UK and Ireland’s utility companies) own and utilise to deliver water, electricity, gas and telecommunications to people’s homes.

PRT- Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC

Established in 1998, Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT) headquartered in Las Vegas, USA, focuses on development of product, equipment and process methods used in the business of in-place epoxy pipe lining of small diameter piping systems. Since 1998, PRT has emerged as a segment leader in the barrier coating and corrosion control industry. PRT provides specialized pipe lining technology used in the rehabilitation of piping systems and in the prevention of heavy metals, such as lead and copper, leaching from pipes into the drinking water supply. PRT services are provided in Europe, US, Canada, and Latin America. PRT holds multiple process patents with an ongoing portfolio of patents pending.

PRT product lines include: ePIPE®, miniE®, eLiner®, ACE DuraFlo®, Pur PIPE®



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