ePIPE Protects a Southern California Community from Leaking Pipes


Many Southern California homeowners have experienced the plague of pinhole leaks in their copper piping systems.  Traditional methods of leak repair are destructive, can cost home owners thousands of dollars, and do not provide any permanent relief.

Recently, several high profile home builders in California have taken legal action in an effort to resolve the costs associated with the problem of early pipe failure.  The focus of the case was changes in water treatment methods, water chemistry and the water companies’ involement.  The Orange County Register recently reported that some of the changes made by water companies to improve the quality of the drinking water may be contributing the epidemic of pinhole leaks in copper pipes.  To read the full article, click here.

One Home Owners Association in Laguna Niguel has taken a proactive approach, and chosen the industry leader, ePIPE® to protect their pipes before the leaky pipe problem spread even further in their community.  ePIPE is a patented in-place pipe restoration technology, that restores and protects pipes, in-place.

The HOA consists of 105 individual townhome style residences. The HOA was initially spending in excess of $10,000 per month in costs associated with repairing slab leaks using traditional cut up and repair methods. With ePIPE, the homeowners can now rest assured that their pipes are protected from future corrosion and leaks.

ePIPE® in-place pipe restoration is the modern solution for prevention of leaking and failing piping systems.



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