ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Preferred Choice for over 3,000 Residential Homeowners in Southern California

Irvine, California –(Business Wire)–

ACE DuraFlo, Pipe Restoration Inc. (PRI) a licensee of ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC and Orange County company reached a company milestone today by restoring the failing copper plumbing system in its 2,000th home in Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside county service area. PRI uses the patented ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE process to restore small diameter potable water pipes, in place, in homes that experience pinhole leaks and other failures.

PRI’s, President and CEO, Steven M. Wann says they are seeing an increase in failures in copper piping occurring throughout every county; it appears to be largely due to changes in water chemistry. The problem of failing copper pipes however according to Wann is not just limited to our 4 county service area, all Southern California homes built with copper piping seem to be effected by changes in water chemistry.

“The average age of copper piping failure appears to be 12 to 14 years throughout these areas,” Wann said. “Some homes begin to have pinhole leaks in as little as two years. The copper begins to corrode the moment the water is turned on,” he added.

The ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE system is an alternative to completely repiping. An application for a two or three bathroom home takes approximately two days to complete. According to Wann, the epoxy lining that ACE DuraFlo applies, brand named ePIPE, lasts 10 times longer than most new pipes.

“We provide our customers with peace of mind that they will not have another leak in the future. We stop heavy metals and lead from entering into drinking water from pipes, which is a big health concern. In addition, we help stop losses that can affect insurance increases or cancellation of policies,” Wann said.

“People are starting to understand copper doesn’t last forever, and there is a safe, economical alternative, ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE System,” Wann said.

Combined with homes restored using the ACE process in other areas of Southern California such as San Diego county, ACE’s ePIPE product has been the preferred choice over a repipe or any other alternative for over 3,000 Southern California homeowners, says Al Dee, President of ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC.



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