Leaky Pool Pipes?

Our ePIPE patented leak protection technology fixes leaky pool pipes in-place.

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Compared to a repipe, the ePIPE process has many benefits including

  • Minimal to no destruction of existing structures,
  • Less disruption to the property owner,
  • Most piping systems can be repaired the same day 
  • Lower cost since materials like concrete and landscaping do not need to be removed and replaced.

Specialty Restoration Projects

ePIPE Restores the USNS Watkins

Corroded pipes, difficult access ¾” inch steel pipes, approximately 70 feet in length responsible for cooling the two massive propellers at the rear of the ship were experiencing encrustation and

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The Corcoran Gallery of Art

The Corcoran Gallery of Art / Corcoran College of Art and Design, is the largest privately supported art institution in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1867 “for the purpose of encouraging

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