A 15-story public housing project in St. Petersburg, Florida was nearing the end of a major renovation when a contractor noticed problems in the buildings piping system. Local ePIPE provider, Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions was called out and determined that the building was experiencing low water pressure and rusty water throughout the branch lines and mains of its potable water piping system.

Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions, Operations Manager, Mike Larson recommended the patented ePIPE® process be used to restore the piping system in-place. The ePIPE crew was facing a tight deadline being brought into the project so late in the renovation. They had to move fast, and also had to work around 50 other workers from 5 other subcontractors all trying to meet the same deadline.

Branch lines and risers (ranging from ½” to 4”) were successfully restored using ePIPE. The project was completed on time, and the 348 units now offer affordable housing to students and other young professionals.

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Florida Pipelining Solutions has been a part of the ePIPE family since 2004. The team has successfully restored hundreds of residential and commercial buildings. For more information on Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions, visit their website at www.FixMyLeaks.com or call them at (941) 308-5325.