Don't Repipe, ePIPE®

Ace DuraFlo’s patented proven ePIPE® process restores pipes IN-PLACE, with less disruption or destruction than a traditional repipe. Our lead-free, leak-free pipe protection is the superior choice for leaks and lead(Pb) leaching in piping systems.

The Repiping Alternative®

Why Repipe?® Avoid the mess and fix pipes in-place with ePIPE. Protect your property from leaks, lead(Pb) leaching and corrosion with the fastest return to service in the industry. In most cases, your water will be back on the same day!

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Our Solution

Prompt pipe leak & lead protection

Ace DuraFlo’s ePIPE® process restores your pipes in-place. Protect your property from leaks, corrosion, and lead(Pb) and other contaminants from leaching into your water. In many cases, your water will be back on the same day.

Values we live by


2 hours return to service*


Minimally invasive


Reduces lead leaching


Protects Pipes from Leaks, Corrosion, and lead(Pb) leaching

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Leak & lead protection

Provide your customers with superior leak and lead protection

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Why Us?


2 hour return to service. In most cases, your water will be back on the same day.

Minimal Disruption

Less mess and destruction than a traditional repipe.


We pride ourselves on providing you with a patented proven service and track record with a prompt and continuous install.

More than just leak protection

ePIPE reduces lead leaching to well below EPA guidelines.


Thousands of building owners have trusted ePIPE for lead-free, leak-free, pipe protection.


Our portfolio extends over 40 US and international patents for leak sealing, underground pipping systems, lead reduction, and in-building piping system.


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Options you can Afford with payments as low as $98!*

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  • Only takes ONE DAY per unit*
  • No resident displacement*
  • Clean, minimally invasive
  • Cost effective - $
  • No abatement required*
  • No holes in drywall* (in most cases)

Traditional Repipe

  • Could take 1-2 weeks per unit
  • Residents are displaced*
  • Messy, disruptive
  • Reconstruction costs - $$$
  • Asbestos abatement required
  • Major drywall repair required

Got lead? Get ePIPE for leak-free, lead-free protection

ePIPE® is more than just leak protection. The patented ePIPE® process is a proven solution for reduction of lead in drinking water due to lead pipes and/ or lead contributors. ePIPE effectively reduces lead levels to well below EPA guidelines.

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our testimonials

randy hromyak

Florida Pipe Lining Solutions, Sarasota Florida

“ePIPE is a very beneficial product that we can offer to our customers due to the solutions that the epoxy offers in stopping pinhole leaks and reducing the lead content in the water. Customers are relieved when we offer this alternative to repiping.” 

chet kibble

Environmental Technical Services, Memphis Tennessee

“The addition of LeadSmart to our services allows us to test and give results on site, rather than wait up to 5 weeks for results. In addition, we are in the process of adding ePIPE to our plumbing company that is going to work hand in hand with non-profits looking for ways to help low income homeowners to address their lead water lines. On behalf of our city, I would like to thank you and your organization for the training and insight you shared with us”

Mike Carper

Pipe Restoration, Inc., Santa Ana CA

“ePIPE has helped us offer a competitive alternative to conventional repiping and an overall better experience for the client for over 18 years. The continued innovation in small diameter pipe restoration allows us to continually be the number one choice of property owners.” 

gary gould

TDT Plumbing, Houston Texas

“The customers experience the biggest difference when comparing pipe lining to repiping. ePIPE gave us the stepping stone to take on $500,000 to $1.5 million projects we would have never been able to get before.  We can make more revenue with fewer men, and that’s the biggest benefit to us,” 

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