Fire Suppression Systems

MIC and Leak Protection

Minimally Invasive


Tested under the most extreme fire conditions!

Effects of corrosion and microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) have been found to be major contributors to early failure of fire sprinkler systems.  The patented ePIPE process is a less invasive and more cost effective solution for MIC and corrosion control of fire suppression systems.  With ePIPE, pipes can be restored IN-PLACE with minimal downtime to the fire suppression system when compared to traditional replacement methods.




ePIPE has been independently tested and approved in many jurisdictions and by the City of Los Angeles Mechanical Labs for application to fire sprinkler systems (RR-5565) for application to:

  • Metallic steel and copper piping systems in 1" to 4" ID, and
  • New and existing systems
ePIPE is approved by the best health, safety, and compliance organizations