Florida Building Officials Demand It; ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Have It


Building officials in Florida require an ICC-ES (Evaluation) Report for products used in epoxy lining potable water distribution systems. By taking this step, they are following the Florida Plumbing Code, based on the International Plumbing Code. Following the code guidelines will allow plumbing officials to help protect homeowners’ properties and health. ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE, a patented epoxy lining product/process for small diameter potable water systems, stands alone in meeting the criteria established by the International Plumbing Code and has been successfully evaluated for health and physical properties by the International Code Council (ICC).

ICC-ES President John Nosse explains why ICC-ES Evaluation Reports are so important. “ACE DuraFlo® can reference their evaluation report, ESR-1390, to ensure building officials and the building industry that their product meets I-Code requirements,” Nosse said. “Building departments have a long history of using evaluation reports, and ICC-ES operates as a technical resource for the building department.”

ICC-ES thoroughly examined ACE DuraFlo’s product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product is fully code compliant. Larry Gillanders, CEO, Chief Technology Officer with ACE DuraFlo® Systems, added: “As part of the evaluation program, ICC-ES evaluated more than the product, they reviewed the patented ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE process, its effectiveness, the quality of ACE’s applicator program, in field application and quality controls. There is no other company in our field of business that complies with and has been evaluated to this premier level of product and process approval."

ICC-ES is the United States’ leading source of technical information on building products and building technology for code compliance. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of reports on compliance with the major U.S. building codes, which are available at www.icc-es.org. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council, a membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention that develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. Most U.S. cities, counties and states that adopt codes choose the International Codes developed by the International Code Council.