ACE DuraFlo’s, ePIPE licensee, Clean Pipes Valencia, of Valencia, Spain has been awarded the prestigious Best of Class Award for “Quality, Research and New Technologies” at the 15th FEVEC Awards (Valencia Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs) held February 10 in Valencia, Spain, www.fevec.com 

Mr. Gonzalo Puras Mallagray accepted the Award on behalf of ACE DuraFlo, Clean Pipes.

FEVEC-AVEA Awards are highly prized and recognized within the engineering, architectural and construction industries in Spain.

Awards are based in part on peer recognition of the contribution of the technology and the dedication of Valencia’s ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE team to the betterment of society and their positive contribution through the use of new technologies in the construction industry. 

FEVEC Judges, rated ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE system as a symbol of modern innovation and recognized the efforts to advance the benefits of ePIPE by ACE DuraFlo’s licensee, Clean Pipes of Valencia as a solid contributor in the area of new plumbing technologies. ePIPE contributions were noted for cost savings, ability to preserve valuable infracstructure through ePIPE’s method of lining pipes “in- place”, ePIPE’s contribution to clean water technology and preservation of water through ePIPE’s patented leak sealing technology.

Congratulations to the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE Spanish Team and special thanks to Mr. Gonzalo Puras Mallagray for his special efforts in achieving this recognition!