ePIPE, Belgium Approval and Expansion

Group Ongenae announces the launch of the patented ePIPE, epoxy lined piping system in Belgium.

President of Group Ongenae, Danny Ongenae participating with Assist Benelux NV (Brussels) was asked to try and find an alternative to repiping and to find a solution to preventing water leak damage caused by leaking pipes.

Benelux Assist is a joint venture between the Spanish MAPFRE ASISTENCIA (70%) and Fortis Insurance Belgium NV (30%), which has now been renamed to AG Insurance Belgium.

“The traditional repair of pipes involves demolition work and can require long periods of water shut downs resulting in significant costs to the insurance company and inconvenience to homeowners. We went looking for a solution”, says Ongenae.

According to Ongenae what they found was the patented ePIPE solution and established a relationship with ACE DuraFlo. ePIPE services were already being provided in Europe but required separate approvals in Belgium. ePIPE has obtained its certificate of approval from Belgaqua.

About Group Ongenae

Group Ongenae established in 1934, is one of Belgium’s premier full service plumbing and heating companies.

For further information visit: www.epipe.be