ePIPE Teaches Local Plumbing Students about the benefits of "In-Place" Epoxy Lining

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ePIPE Teaches Local Plumbing Students

ePIPE is proud to engage in opportunities to educate others about the benefits of our patented leak protection technology.

From lunch and learns, to tours of live projects, demos and education sessions, ePIPE has been raising awareness around the world for the benefits of "in-place" pipe restoration as an alternative to a repipe for over 15 years. With the fastest return to service product in the industry for drinking water pipes, most homes can be restored in just one day, without the mess, stress and destruction of a traditional repipe.

Recently, ePIPE spent some time teaching Construction Technology students at Orange Coast College about the benefits of ePIPE and the great number of applications it can be used for, including drinking water pipes in homes, hotels and other commercial buildings, as well as gas lines, swimming pool lines and fire sprinkler lines, as a solution to corrosion and leaks in both metallic and non-metallic pipes. Students were engaged with a lecture and hands-on demonstrations of the ePIPE process.

In 2014, ePIPE prevented customer-side domestic water leakage of nearly 14.5 million gallons of water in California alone, and is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council.

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About ePIPE®

The patented ePIPE process involves restoring pipes in-place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a solution for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes for both commercial and residential piping systems. ePIPE service providers are located in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. For more information contact ACE DuraFlo Systems at www.aceduraflo.com or (888) 775-0220.