Chicago approves ePIPE and Chicago High Rise Project Completed

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Chicago approves ePIPE and Chicago High Rise Project Completed

Built in the late 1960's, this 28 story, city center, Chicago high rise consisting of 144 residential units was faced with piping challenges including brown/rusty water and leaky pipes.

At the time it seemed that a repipe was the only option that was available. Not satisfied with that option the HOA Board with the property manager sought out ePIPE.

Site visits were completed, prices and project scheduling were negotiated. However a significant hurdle still lay ahead: Approval in the City of Chicago for the ePIPE process.

Working directly with City of Chicago building officials, the ePIPE team obtained specific approval for the ePIPE process in the City.

The project was initiated and then faced challenges from Mother Nature in the form of record setting snowfall and extreme cold.

Utilizing ePIPE’s NSF 61 Approval - 2 hour cure lining, the building’s drinking water pipes were restored and water returned to supply with minimal downtime and inconvenience to the owners.

About ePIPE®
The patented ePIPE process involves restoring pipes in-place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a solution for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes for both commercial and residential piping systems. ePIPE service providers are located in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. For more information contact ACE DuraFlo Systems at or (888) 775-0220.