ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Completes Preservation Works at Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology

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ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Completes Preservation Works at Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology

ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE Completes Preservation Works at Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology 

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is the most important building of its kind in Mexico, and one of the main museums in Latin America. It was opened in 1964 to exhibit the ethnic archeological legacy and diversity of the pre-Columbian cultures.

This building has 23 halls for permanent exhibitions, 1 hall for temporal exhibitions and 2 auditoriums. It is also home of the National Anthropology Library. It is one of Mexico's top tourist attractions with over 2 million visitors each year.

Problem: Pinhole leaks in the copper pipes that feed the Public and offices restrooms, as well as the restrooms used for special events, such as the monthly visit from Mexico's President hosting official events.

These water service pipes are located under the floor surface, below very sensitive areas that hold invaluable pieces of pre-Columbian art and permanent exhibits that cover all pre-Columbian civilizations located on the current territory of Mexico as well as in the southwestern states of the USA. Moving any of these priceless pieces of antiquity to repair leaking pipes was out of question. To add to the operational challenges, any restoration work had to be completed in the Museum's off hours.

Solution: The Museum's Architect was familiar with ACE DuraFlo's ePIPE technology and made the recommendation as his choice to compete this sensitive restorative works. The project was successful with our any interruption to the Museum's operating schedule and did not results in any disruption of these priceless exhibits. Pipes fixed in-place.

"Working around all this history and appreciating the significance of preserving our heritage using the ePIPE technology was a wonderful experience" commented Eduardo Ortegon, President, ACE DuraFlo, Mexico.

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