FAQs About Pipe Repair and Pipe Restoration

ACE DuraFlo eliminates every burden that’s associated with a conventional repipe. It is proven and used in thousands of applications for all ailments from corroded pipes to complete repiping . We have included some of the frequently asked questions about the ACE DuraFlo System below.

Does pipe restoration save a building owner and tenants money?

YES! Since pipe restoration restores a building’s piping system within the walls, owners save thousands of dollars by not paying to replace their existing piping system. The costs saved by not destroying walls, removing and replacing pipes, and redecorating make pipe restoration the less expensive alternative.


Does the pipe restoration outlast a new pipe?

YES! New pipes start to deteriorate the moment the water is turned on. Epoxy lined pipes help protect against corrosion.


Can an ACE DuraFlo System restoration be planned around the tenants schedule?

YES! The ACE DuraFlo System restoration is planned as far ahead as possible. An updated schedule of the suites to be restored is published in the lobby on a daily basis. The process should not compromise a tenant’s standard of living.


What type of pipe can the ACE DuraFlo System restore?

ePIPE Products are designed to coat a variety of piping systems in-place.  We offer solutions for domestic water systems (galvanized, copper, and PEX piping) and non-potable systems (chiller systems, fire sprinkler systems, gas lines, snow melt systems).


Is the ACE DuraFlo pipe repair System method safe?

YES! The ACE DuraFlo System does not use chemicals in its cleaning process, meeting U.S. and International water safety standards. In addition, the epoxy used in the process is certified safe for use in potable water systems.


Who has used ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration?

Some of the largest companies in the nation have taken advantage of this proven and patented technology for many years. Some customers include leading hotel brands, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Defense, Governments of Spain, and thousands of building and homeowners. They have all used us for varying degrees of pipe repair needs from corroded pipes and low water flow to complete repiping. 


If pipes are old and fragile, can the ACE DuraFlo System fix my pipes?

In most cases YES!, however in all cases a site visit must be arranged with an ADF specialist who will assess the problem and make the final determination.


Will carpet and flooring be protected when crews are in a suite?

YES! The crews conduct all their work inside the building so no mud or dirt tracked in. The only working material likely to touch flooring is the food grade hose that supplies the air to the piping system. In the event that a suite requires special attention, ground covers are put down before work is commenced.


Is the ACE DuraFlo System the most environmentally friendly alternative?

Yes, ePIPE restores your existing pipes, which in turn reduces the cutting of walls, floors, and ceilings normally associated with the most conventional methods.  ePIPE reduces waste and strain on landfills.  ePIPE protected minimizes the leaching of harmful metals such as lead from entering your drinking water.


If you have any further questions regarding our pipe repair and pipe restoration services, please click here to contact us.