2017 Year End Review

2017 has been an exceptional year for our ePIPE family. We thank all our ePIPE team members and our customers for their dedication and support of our program. This year we have expanded our works with lead (Pb) reduction programs both in the US and in the UK. We launched our LeadSmart initiative aimed at lead reduction in a building’s water supply system and started an initiative to inform the real estate industry about the need to disclose lead (Pb) in piping systems.

Product and application improvements gave us the ability to rehabilitate water service lines in less than four hours, water off to water on. We provided services to a US Department of Defense contractor on the rehabilitation of a 950 foot navy vessel, restored the water piping system in retirement community where the residents were able to remain in their homes during the ePIPE process and we even had water on each day, in time for dinner. I hope you can take a few minutes and let us share with you just some of our accomplishments.

In addition to providing the fastest return to service coating material approved for small diameter drinking water pipes, we also are improving our patent portfolios with over 30 US and international patents already issued and new patents pending.

In 2017, the makers of ePIPE were granted a total of ve new US patents, #9555453, #9611973, #9724730, #9744561 and #9764354 and one European patent, #EP2974800, related to its ePIPE System of “in-place” pipe restoration providing protection against leaks and harmful lead and copper leaching, including lead service lines (LSLs).

Product Approvals/Compliance

In 2017, we concluded our UK - Regulation 31(4)(a) re-approval, for ePIPE. This approval also covers WIS 4-02-03 Operational Requirements: In Situ Polymeric Lining of Service Pipes.

These approvals, position ePIPE as the ONLY service pipe lining material and process of its kind to meet the stringent requirements of both WRAS and Reg 31(4)(a) for use in protecting lead service lines in both public and private water supplies.

In the US, the ePIPE product line continues to hold proper health and industry approvals for application of epoxy barrier coatings to pressurized piping systems. ePIPE is the ONLY product in the industry to be approved for application to both metallic and non-metallic piping systems by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). ePIPE products are also approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to NSF/ANSI 61 for immediate return to service and the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) for application to potable water systems. ePIPE is approved by the City of Los Angeles for protection of fire sprinkler systems.

USA - Pittsburg Water

Working with PWSA on a program aimed at reducing lead leaching from drinking water supply pipes, we completed in-place coating of “private side” service lines in Pittsburgh. Each of the properties were completed within a four-hour window. The lead service line was exposed at the curb stop on the city property which allowed for the ePIPE process to be completed with no excavation on the customer’s property. Click here to learn more about the project.

UK Greater London

The ePIPE solution has been part of one of the world’s largest lead pipe remediation programs involving some 30,000 underground lead water supply pipes. LSLs run underground from the water main to the curb stop tap (valve) at each property; that same pipe may also run to the supply tap inside a house. ePIPE is the only service pipe lining material and process of its kind to meet the stringent requirements of both WRAS and Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Reg 31(4)(a) for use in protecting lead service lines in both public and private water supplies in the UK. Check out our UK operations at www.leadfreepipes.com

US Lead and Copper Rule – Input for Change

Last year, ePIPE participated with Providence Water in Rhode Island on a program of in-place rehabilitation of lead water service lines using the patented ePIPE technology. This program formed part of the USEPA-Water Research Foundation report #4351, "Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies". The report recommends coating of lead service lines (LSL's) to be considered an option to replacement. This study was jointly funded by the Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Click here to view a summary of the report.

Recently ePIPE urged the reviewers of the USEPA, Lead and Copper Rule to consider the inclusion of proven rehabilitation technologies as an effective program to tackle the lead leaching problems associated with LSL's. Click here to view the letter from ePIPE to the USEPA and the USEPA's response.

In May, the makers of ePIPE launched the LeadSmart program which includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and certification of compliance for lead in drinking water.

LeadSmart is a lead testing and lead remediation service. Certified LeadSmart providers provide on-site water testing for lead in drinking water using EPA-approved equipment, education on how to identify sources of lead in piping systems, professional remediation recommendations and a certificate of compliance. LeadSmart testing services are backed by an industry-first, $1 million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.

Certified LeadSmart providers receive training and equipment required to diagnose, detect, test and provide recommendations to reduce lead and copper leaching in drinking water systems.

LeadSmart Protects You

Lead and real Estate Disclosure

ePIPE continues to lobby the real estate industry to adopt disclosure rules about lead contributors in water piping systems. Until the disclosure of lead piping, lead contributors and water quality are included as part of the disclosure process, we advise homeowners to ask sellers to have the property inspected for lead contributors in the piping system and have the water sampled and tested at the tap to check for the presence of lead.




Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach’s hotel pool is a popular spot for Weddings and other events with its stunning coastal view. The Hotel’s Terrace Pool and Spa had multiple leaks throughout the piping system, causing massive amounts of water loss. Traditional repairs would prove costly, invasive, and extremely inconvenient. Using the patented ePIPE epoxy lining process the certied ePIPE technicians were able to restore the piping system in just a few days.


HOA’s and Retirement Communities

The Covington, an upscale retirement community located in Southern California, with facilities for both independent and assisted living. The property was facing 3 to 5 leaks per week in its copper pipe water supply system. Repairs costing roughly $150,000 annually. Using the ePIPE process, the pipes feeding 131 units were restored “in-place”, with minimal disruption to the lives and special needs of both residents and staff. All residents were able to remain in their units during the process and had water back on every night. Click here to watch a video about the project.

DC Metro Region

For nearly two decades, ePIPE has been serving customers in the D.C. Metro Region, protecting their properties from lead leaching, pinhole leaks and corrosion in their piping systems. In 2017, our East Coast team restored over 1,800 units. Click here to watch a brief video about some of the DC area projects completed in 2017.

Single Family Homes

ePIPE installers continue to be leaders in the residential pipe restoration industry, servicing individual homeowners in the US and abroad on a daily basis.



US Department of Defense

Just 15 years old, the USNS Soderman was experiencing encrustation and signs of corrosion in its air vent and back up petroleum product steel pipes. The ePIPE process was applied to these pipes, preventing future corrosion and leaks within the system.


Tarpon Springs Middle School

Project included ePIPE restoration of the potable water piping in the administration building, gang bathrooms, art rooms, music rooms and main supply.


Starkey Elementary

Utilizing the patented ePIPE system, Florida franchisee, Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions (FPS), restored the galvanized and copper water piping including the galvanized mains.


Seminole Middle School

The patented ePIPE process was applied to the galvanized main servicing the kitchen, water tower and the rest rooms. All branch lines of the isolated system were restored, including the kitchen hot and cold water system and chiller make-up.

The work was completed over Christmas break, in order to avoid disruption to the daily routines of students and faculty.


School District of Indian River County

The potable water piping systems at both Sebastian River Middle School, and the Freshman Learning Center were restored using the ePIPE process. Both school sites had a mix of both copper and galvanized piping.

“It’s been a really overall great experience, and the fact that a community like ours could have a team come in and do this in such a short period of time was a very positive experience.” ~ Krista Nay, Executive Director, The Covington


“I am thankful to the LeadSmart team for detecting the problem and providing me and my family with safe drinking water.” ~ Wayne Held, Southern California resident


Virginia Tech, professor Dr. Marc A. Edwards says “It’s our experience that if these coatings are installed properly, they last what’s considered the lifetime of a plumbing system, which is 50 or 60 years.”


“I really can’t overemphasize the courteousness of all of the employees…” ~ Resident, Columbia Knoll, Virginia


“We recently conducted a water quality test through LeadSmart and have received a very positive report that our home is in compliance with EPA Standards. Hard to put a value on peace of mind. Thank you to LeadSmart." ~ Rose Maniscalchi, Southern California realtor


“I have enjoyed working with ePIPE and all of the guys that were here on site... EVERYONE was nice and pleasant to work with. I wish all contractors could be as nice and understanding.” ~ MaryAnn Hall, General Manager, The Elizabeth Condominium - Chevy Chase, MD